The True Value of Intangible Assets

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Aug 26, 2020
Time 04:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
For most businesses in the UK, they add and create value through the knowledge they control. This could be through tools and processes they have developed but is mostly through the application of their staff’s knowledge. As this is intangible, it can be very difficult to understand how much knowledge you have, where it is stored, and how it is used.
As a business, when you know what you know:
  • You will know who knows what, and therefore who to protect
  • You will know what you don’t know and therefore where to invest
  • You can bring it together to create new offerings
  • You can reuse it to increase effectiveness
  • You can work to capture some of it if people leave
In this webinar, Jeff Lermer, Founder of JLA Accountants will be questioning David Pearce of Knowledge Ecosystems about how Intangible assets can transform company valuation pre and post M&A. David will share his research and wisdom into what is perhaps going to be the major topic on business owners minds as they seek to restart, rebuild and reinvent their businesses and operations in the turbulent times ahead.
As always, there will time for questions and discussions with members of the panel and audience.

Jeffrey Lermer, founder of JLA Chartered Accountants: Jeffrey has rich experience in accounting and tax management. Together with his team at JLA Chartered Accountants, they have been working with and supporting hundreds of small highly profitable businesses in the construction, property, development and recruitment industries with lateral and inventive solutions to properly plan out their tax strategy and ringfence assets from risk.
David Pearce, Chief Knowledge Officer of Knowledge Eco-systems: David is a chartered professional with over 20 years experience leading large multidiscipline teams on complex high value projects. He undertook knowledge sharing research over ten years ago, and works on developing the knowledge management subject area with the APM, and CILIP. David has taken practical knowledge skills and used them to develop a cloud based ecosystem that not only allows organisations to use their knowledge effectively, but also capture its value on their balance sheet.


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