Corporate Venturing: From Scouting To Integration - An Innovation Journey [A REAL CASE STUDY]

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Date Mar 29, 2022
Time 05:00 AM EDT
Cost Free

Early this year, Property Finder, the leading UAE-based real estate marketplace, acquired Home Value, an AI-based property analytics. The acquisition itself was a milestone in the collaboration journey between those two companies, starting from a strategic statement, and evolving through startup scouting, target identification, mutual interest, first collaboration initiatives, negotiations - and rolling out a post-merger integration to create value for both parties. A genuine corporate innovation case made possible thanks to a series of best practices, pitfalls avoiding, sequential approaches and a focus on value creation and innovation.

This webinar gathers the Property Finder's CPO, Christophe de Rassenfosse, and the Home Value's CEO, Fouad Bekkar, during an open and candid conversation where they will both reflect on their own perspectives on this journey.Among other things, the discussion will navigate through the following topics:

  • Needs and formulation of strategy from the corporate side
  • Identification of criteria to identify the right target
  • Tools, methods and channels used to “scout” or to validate the opportunity
  • Processes and steps taken to validate mutual interest and value creation
  • Rules of engagement
  • First steps taken to effectively collaborate (PMI)
  • Lessons learned & pitfalls


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