Webinar: How Utilities Can Drive Transformation Towards the Digital Utility

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 13, 2018
Time 12:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
How Utilities Can Drive Transformation Towards the Digital Utility: The Avangrid, Iberdrola VC, Smarter Grid Solutions, and Simple Energy Case Studies
This webinar will discuss how Avangrid is embracing innovation and collaborating with startups to continuously adapt and implement impactful changes to drive decisions across its businesses and ultimately move towards the digital utility. During the discussion, we will learn more about the relationship with its venture arm located in Europe - Iberdrola Perseo Venture Capital Fund, how they are engaging with innovators located in the US, and their impact in the US market. Then we will examine two case studies to illustrate the different kinds of relationship Avangrid and Iberdrola can intiate with startups: Smarter Grid Solutions and Simple Energy.
Attendees will learn
  • The different ways an utility such as Avangrid and its venture arm can engage with early stage startups
  • The formats a strategic partnership can take
  • The importance of aligning strategies, customer value, sponsorship and patience
  • How a partnership can help leverage resources
  • Drury Mackenzie, Smart Grids Innovation, Avangrid
  • Oscar Cantalejo, Investment Analyst, Iberdrola Perseo Venture Capital Fund
  • Zach Pollock, Business Development & Product Strategy Executive, Smarter Grid Solutions
  • Steve Mannhard, Director of Client Solutions, Simple Energy
  • Moderator: Kristin Barbato, Innovation Advisor, NYSERDA
  • Presenter: Alistair Pim, VP Innovation and Partnerships, NECEC


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