Sales training doesn’t have to suck: Make it relevant and engaging

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Date Oct 24, 2013
Time 12:30 PM EDT
Cost Free
Every year, businesses spend thousands of dollars, as well as hundreds of hours, on sales training programs, from in-house sessions, to consultants to outside seminars. While the information might be valuable, in traditional sales training 80% of what reps learn is often forgotten within 30 days if they are not able to internalize the information and apply it in their day-to-day activities. In order for training programs to be truly effective, they must be customized, practiced and reinforced. By focusing on what really matters and providing hands-on practice that aligns with key steps of the sales process, sales managers can ensure that the new techniques will be applied, making sales training well worth the investment.

Key highlights include:
  • One Size does not fit all. We’ll show you how to gather feedback and analytics to determine what the right training solution is for your company, as well as to continue to fine tune and adjust training to reinforce what is working and address what is not.
  • Make it stick. Drawing on examples from Tripwire and WebMD, we’ll explain how to establish sales training that the executive team and staff can and will actually apply in the real world.
  • Less is more. We’ll discuss how to use technology to efficiently reinforce training to improve knowledge transfer, lead conversion and maximize selling time with examples from Yesmail and Waste Management.
Speakers include:
  • Scott Olsen, Principal, The Olsen Group  
  • Tom Latta, Director of Sales at Janrain
  • Moderator: Scott Herber, EVP VIA


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