Breaking the Live Chat barrier: How this SaaS company boosted its Assisted Sales revenue by 78%

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Date Mar 5, 2020
Time 12:30 AM EDT
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Join us in this webinar with Tanishq Juneja, CEO of Pepipost and VeerChand Bothra, Co-Founder of

Here's exactly what you'll learn:

1. How Pepipost broke the Live Chat barrier to increase its assisted sales

Companies have used live chat since early 2000s but it wasn’t until recently that they truly uncovered the potential of Live Chat. Pepipost is one of the first few companies to use Live Chat aggressively for three functions(Support, Sales and Marketing). Join us as the CEO of Pepipost explains the strategy behind adopting Live Chat for all the three functions.

2. How Live Chat analytics directly impacts your revenue by identifying the best sales opportunities and also upset customers to reduce churn

There are conversations occurring on your website as you read this. But do you know if it’s a hot sales opportunity or not? Or if it’s an upset customer who’s on the verge of churning? Live Chat analytics provides you the ability to monitor your chats and drive revenue impacting insights from it. Join us as VeerChand, Co-Founder of Scoop, explains how your business can benefit from Live Chat analytics.

3. How your Marketing teams can leverage this data to optimize their marketing campaigns 

The Marketing team at Pepipost used the insights available through the chats to optimize their campaigns. VeerChand, Co-Founder of Scoop, explains how the Marketing teams can benefit from Live Chat analytics. 

4. How Live Chat analytics can help you prioritize product features based on customer requirements?

“Can you make this for me?” As a Product guy you know this can be a tricky question. How many times do you say yes? How many times do you say no? Join us to understand how Pepipost used Live Chat analytics to identify a critical feature request that was coming from a lot of users.


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