How an AI-backed recommendation system can help increase revenue for your online store?

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Date May 21, 2020
Time 11:00 AM ET to 11:45 AM ET
Cost Free
About the webinar:

Picture this: A customer logs onto your E-commerce platform to purchase an item. As soon as they put in the product details into the search bar, they are bombarded with a long catalog of various items that they have to painfully sort through. High chance that they leave without completing a purchase, not sure of what they should pick.

Product recommendation systems must become way better - Platforms need to understand the shopper, and provide them with best-fitting tailored products. This can be way more challenging for retailers with vast catalogs or the ones with only slight variations in products.

AI/ML model for 'Recommendations' generated using can help E-commerce platforms to provide a superior digital-shopping experience to its customers.
This webinar will showcase a live demo of how to build such a robust recommendation model in hours.

What you'll learn:
  • How e-commerce companies drive sales through AI powered product recommendation engines
  • Challenges faced in ML automation and how to overcome those using a unified ML platform
  • Live Demo: Demo on how to create a product recommendation system using end-end ML automation platform


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