‘Now What?’ and Other FAQs From Marketers and Salespeople

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Apr 23, 2020
Time 1pm BST
Cost Free
Learn how to answer the question on everyone’s lips: ‘now what?’. This webinar will help you gain clarity on how to approach your marketing and sales activity during this challenging time, and make smart decisions for the present, without losing your vision for the future.

Answering common questions and concerns raised the past month, Eric Murphy (co-founder and Head of Revenue at BabelQuest), and Olivia Kirwan (Channel Account Manager at HubSpot) will help you answer:
  • How do we create a business case for investing in marketing right now?
  • How do we position the value of digital marketing over offline marketing, in order to get investment in our digital capabilities?
  • How do we up-skill our people to do more digital marketing internally, rather than rely on outsourcing to agencies?
  • How do we prioritise demands for better reporting, with the need for data cleansing?
  • How is HubSpot responding with COVID-19 to help employees?
  • How is HubSpot responding with COVID-19 to adapt your product?
  • How can HubSpot software help during COVID-19?
You’ll also hear how BabelQuest and Hubspot are supporting their partners, customers and employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and how our own marketing and sales are helping us adapt.


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