How to inject new growth into plateauing CRO programmes

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 20, 2020
Time 04:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
You've been optimising for a while. You've seen some good gains. Perhaps you've even delivered some performance whoppers. But now, having done the hard work to get buy-in and with the eyes of the business on your team, the success stories are less frequent, not as dramatic, insignificant. Your program is stalling. Don't worry. This is a scenario pretty much every conversion optimisation team will go through at some stage, and there's light at the end of the tunnel.

During the webinar, the panel will share information on:
  • Common performance plateau scenarios
    • We’ll take a look at different performance profiles typically seen from brands whose optimisation programmes are stalling and we’ll discuss the warning signs.
  • The local vs global maxima concept
    • When should you test big, innovative ideas and when should you run more iterative testing? It’s an age-old optimisation question, but one that has a not-so-obvious answer. Our experts will uncover real-world examples of tackling this balance and the possible rewards.
  • How to use different techniques to generate new ideas to impact your metrics
    • Leveraging customer insights to generate more impactful experiments
    • Creating the right set up for your team to come up with bold new ideas to test
  • Iteration - testing to your different segments
    • The idea here is what to do next? You have had a test with a positive, negative, or flat result so how do you iterate to continue seeing results, or build on the learnings from your flat or negative results.
    • In the 10mins slot, we'll walk through some of the different areas to look at in your analytics solution, and some example experiences to look at in common scenarios. 
  • Q&A session
    • Your questions answered by the panel


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