4 Sales Plays That Will Change Your Prospecting Efforts

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Date Jul 15, 2020
Time 04:00 PM EDT
Cost $149
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4 Sales Plays That Will Change Your Prospecting Efforts 

According to Forrester, 78% of digital sellers are outperforming their analog selling peers by >20% sales pipeline. Where do you stack rank against your competition, or best-in-class? As the best-selling author of Social Selling Mastery and SPEAR Selling, Jamie Shanks has literally written books on selling strategies. As the CEO of the world's largest Digital Selling training programs for mid-market and enterprise companies, his group has held workshops across 6 continents. Now he wants to hold one at your desk. He’ll share tips on how to hyper-accelerate selling success with 4 “sales plays” that best-in-class sellers are leveraging every day to meet their sales quota. His session will also examine how, and why, social selling is outperforming analog sales and share CSO Insights studies. 

Key Takeaways
  • Learn the 4 “sales plays” that industry leaders are using to outperform the competition. 
  • Learn how to create a digital sales pipeline to vastly enhance your sales tactics.
  • Learn how to use Social Selling to increase your deal win rates by up to 50% .


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