Involve all your stakeholders in your business growth

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Date May 7, 2021
Time 03:00 AM EDT
Cost Free

A business, more than anything, is built by the people who have worked for it. Right from the owner, the employees, the stakeholders, and even the customers who make the business a success. How wonderful would it be to involve all of these people to accelerate your business growth, and get rewarded for it too?

The stakeholders have the most to make & lose from your business. Thus, they are perfect to help grow your business. Tap into the power of your stakeholders’ network through combined lead generation & management with LeadX 360 and grows business exponentially.

LeadX 360 is the first fully mobile lead management platform that enables your internal & external stakeholders like - employees, partners, shareholders, and so on also allowing them to post hot leads or warm leads to help you build your business.


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