How to Scale Your Direct-to-Consumer Sales Process Featuring Insights from Tonal™️

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Date Jun 30, 2021
Time 12:00 PM EDT
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When a product takes off and sales triple in only a few weeks, it can feel like you have struck the lottery. There are three relevant questions to understand:

  • Can our technology stack support our complete buying experience as we scale?

  • Do we know the messages our customers are receiving and where they are in the buying process?

  • Do our customers understand where they are in the buying process?

When the COVID lockdown began, Tonal needed a solution allowing them to efficiently manage sales processes and keep customers happy and informed via:

  • Warehouse, transport, and last mile updates to the customer in real time

  • Immediate routing of leads to sales for rapid response to customer inquiries

  • Tracking of all touch-points with customers throughout the entire journey

  • Personalized and relevant offers and outreaches

Join Josh LeQuire, COO for theCodery, and Cynthia Blum, Director of Inside Sales, for Tonal, to learn how Tonal’s use of Salesforce created efficiencies in their sales process and sets them up for continued scale and growth. You will have the opportunity to hear first-hand how Tonal configured their systems for scale and the growing pains you can avoid along the way.

Presented by theCodery, Salesforce Simplified.


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