Webinar - How to Stay 10 Steps Ahead of Retail Competitors?

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Aug 4, 2022
Time 11:00 AM EDT
Cost Free

Today, profiling competitors is an imperative strategy. The proactive approach to competitor pricing strategy analysis will assist your retail business to anticipate other competitors’ business strategies. Having such proactive knowledge fosters strategic business agility.

Learn how retail competitive analysis helps you to achieve that competitive edge and optimize your business’s ROI.


  1. Monitoring Product Pricing and competitor tracking.
  2. Analytics and insights on competitor pricing & promotions.
  3. How to use competitor data to reprice your products at scale?
  4. How to detect competitor strategy and avoid the “race to the bottom”?
  5. The need to compare the assortment of a brand to competitors in the market.
  6. Tracking Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price compliance by resellers.
  7. Product mapping using the latest techniques.
  8. Also, competition analysis offers many other benefits that you should not miss!


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