Critical Analytics for Assessing Incentive Compensation Plans

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Date Jul 23, 2014
Time 01:00 PM EDT
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Companies spend up to 10% of revenues on incentive compensation, for large enterprises it amounts to billions annually. The expense is often justified as the primary motivator to drive sales. Any expense of this magnitude demands periodic reviews to ensure it is motivating the behaviors that optimize sales performance.

Yet, many companies only assess sales performance after it is too late, while others don’t know what data to analyze or simply lack the process and people necessary to turn it into meaningful information. As a result, the sales force may not be aligned with the strategy or be unclear about what expectations or metrics are for success. These issues become major constraints to achieving sales goals, costing valuable time and money.

With the right processes and insight, incentive compensation plan issues can be addressed before they have an injurious impact on the overall sales strategy and plan goals. Attend this webinar to gain insight into:

how to conduct objective plan assessments to manage sales force performance
what symptoms indicate your comp plan may be in need of a mid-year correction
what processes should be in place to ensure your plan aligns with your strategy
which analytics are critical to constructing an effective evaluation framework
how to communicate the plan so everyone is aligned and clear
Is your incentive compensation plan driving the behaviors and outcomes you intended?

Join Synygy executives to learn key metrics for assessing how effective your IC plan is at motivating your sales force.


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