Trade Show Traffic Secrets

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Date Aug 5, 2014
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
About the presenter:
Anders Boulanger is a speaker, Trade Show Infotainer and has been called the human prospect magnet. His interactive booth events have built massive crowds and increased leads for companies like Veeam Software and Siemens.

I'm on a mission to make trade shows a better investment for all companies. Far too often I see tens of thousands of dollars wasted by a lack of strategy and effort.
I've had many people inquire about this event for some time now and I finally have a hole in my presenting schedule to accomodate the necessary preparation.
In this webinar I will go into greater detail about the principles and techniques that I share in the report. We will cover:

-Triple 'A' Traffic Triangle
-7 Booth Attractor Factors
-The Attendee Mindset
-How to create a magnetic demonstration
-How to "raise" the effectiveness of your demos
-Nailing your "booth hook"

I'm really excited to share some real life examples of these principles in action. I'd like to take some questions and see if we can do some live, on-air brainstorming for one lucky registrant. This person will walk away with "hook" or booth event that will not only generate more traffic flow, but it will tie-in what they do as a company.

My goal for you is that you come away with some new, fresh, and proven ideas that will ramp up and amp up your booth traffic and increase your leads.
Thank you for your interest and I look forward to connecting with you on this live free webinar.

In the moment, for the moment,


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