Don’t build digital platforms for today, build them for tomorrow.

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Date Sep 17, 2014
Time 04:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
The digital experience space is changing fast. A few years ago, businesses could still get away with using individual tools to solve what appeared to be isolated problems. As mobile evolves, we see that customers engage in a continuous and streamlined way, on multiple devices and at various touch points. Isolated platforms of varying levels of quality and evolution are no longer acceptable. We have to be mindful of the omnichannel customer journey. Regardless of the device they're engaging on, customers want to remain on the same path, with the same information available to them.
Please join us in this 60 minute Webinar to discuss:
  • Core Requirements a DX Platform has to fulfill for the business needs of tomorrow.
  • What needs to change in infrastructure, development and integrations to be ready for the next channel?
  • What does this new way of working mean for the IT organization; its roles and interfaces to business?
  • Key recommendations: The steps of transforming a traditional IT group into one that's ready for innovation driven digital experience.
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