Create your Webinar Cash Machine! with co-host Adam Urbanski

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Date Mar 3, 2016
Time 04:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
What's the #1 thing all coaches and consultants have in common?

Wishing they could just STOP chasing new clients, and have the right people approach THEM, already excited to buy or enroll. (AND have that happen on a consistent basis, not just once in a while. )

Well, there IS a way to get off that endless hamster wheel...and that way is webinars.


I LOVE how with webinars you can show up as the authority who shares important wisdom, so that when you offer a discovery call or a program, the right people eagerly raise their hands.
Now obviously, some webinar strategies work WAY better than others...

So this Thursday at 1PM PT/4PM ET I'm co-hosting a training with my very own mentor, and webinar expert, Adam Urbanski It's all about creating a "webinar cash machine" for your coaching or consulting business!

Go here NOW to grab your seat!
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Adam's going to share:
  • The 3-step process you must follow exactly to make your webinars successful in 2016 that will get you more registrations and sales - without spending a fortune on advertising.
  • Why the way most people do webinars (and teach others to do it) is no longer working and the "G.T.I.F" method you must follow if you want your audience to stay, pay attention and buy.
  • Exactly how to structure your invitation to get your audience to start buying from you even BEFORE the webinar is over - without any gimmicks or pressure.
  • Exactly how to transition from teaching to confidently sharing your offer - without feeling awkward
  • And so much more...including how to put the whole process on "autopilot" so that you can focus on serving the clients who happily come to you, instead of trying to convince those who don't. (Admit it, don't you hate doing that?)
I know that doing webinars has transformed my own business and I can't wait to share this info and Adam with you! He is incredibly generous and gives away a ton of info that others charge thousands for.
So seriously, if you want more "pre-sold" prospects and a steady stream of new clients, so that you can concentrate on delivering your services instead of selling them, do NOT miss this one!
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Any questions, please contact me. And yes, I DO believe there will be a replay if you can't be there live, but you must register to get it.


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