Digital Signage Industry Proliferation : Opportunity Analysis from OOH Advertising and QSR perspective

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Date Oct 19, 2016
Time 09:00 AM EDT
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Public notices, advertisements, displays clearly have proved themselves as one of the most quality investments for marketing. While technology has penetrated in all sectors, why not hit the campaigning industry? There arose the digital signage market which has been growing at immense rates ever since with 2D as well as 3D segments in the display technology classification. The immense numbers of applications and growing funding are a result of affordable costs, better quality services today and rising demand across numerous industries.

Why is Digital Signage so popular be it transportation places, public places, department stores, restaurants, museums, corporate building, stadium or others?
  • Easy conveying of message in public places
  • Entertainment made better than ever
  • Quick attention grabbing
  • To-the-point and versatile methods
  • Way-finding, increasing sale, enhancing the customer reviews, extending a brand, merchandising, etc.

The market for dynamic digital signage is growing by all measures, and suppliers are well positioned to provide their customers with all the benefits of this powerful platform. As a product line extension, digital signage market can increase revenues and profits for sign shops and provide their customers with a greater value proposition.

That Additional Attraction to the Market:

Outsourcing services for digital sign system is the latest potential buzz with complete, affordable solutions designed especially for sign makers. Roland DGA is one such firm who have recently stepped into the creating signs for original signage players. This is easy, profitable and quick enough a process to draw customer’s attention. With improving consumer care and support, the market is booming with attracting investors as well.

While U.S.A. is the leading country for this sales, APAC, Japan and South Korea are rapidly growing with major driving factors for this market are the increasing marketing and advertising strategy, developing smart technologies, use of digital screen and so on.

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