Creation of a Billion-Dollar Industry - Opportunities and Integration Potential of Holographic Displays

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Date Oct 20, 2016
Time 09:30 AM EDT
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The world is witnessing a horse-leap in digital media. The commercial industry will soon enjoy technology that will never sleep. Among all the augmented reality platforms, leading brands are keenly taking interest in investment platforms of the Holographic Display. While Google is looking forward to introduce headsets with holographic displays, Samsung has filed a patent for a smartphone that displays holographic images. Project Aurora (aka Google Glass) fitted with holographic displays could be soon on our tables. This magical advancement just does not end here. Like the root Greek words “Holos” meaning ‘whole’ and “Graphos” meaning ‘message’ overall means “whole message”; perceiving the 3D world through Holographs would soon be a reality- IndustryARC.

Easy brand strengthening, quality customer engagement, cost savings (for large scale product shows), customer retention, convenient delivery of complex product features and value propositions are the top notch value additions to the potential billion$ popular industry. How is the market preparing to serve the customers? Let’s have a sneak-peek:
  • Our upcoming mobiles could not only be ready to utilize holography, but also glasses-free!
  • Heads-up display on that dream car of ours could soon be accessible. Navigation right in front of your vision in the car won’t even take an eye wear or helmet!
  • One very attractive example of a potential upgrade in digital advertising is the shift from Mannequins in store windows to holographic icons. How fascinating would it be to watch a human hologram in storefronts? Very!
  • While augmented reality has already begun to experiment in virtual trials with e-commerce eyewears like, e-Bay has bought PhiSix, a company that develops 3-D models of clothing for virtual dressing rooms.
  • Another interesting invention is how Mondelez is bringing holographic displays to grocery stores!

With all these multiple applications being witness across the world be it exhibitions, corporate offices, shopping malls, showrooms, real estate, multiplexes & entertainment zones, government events / corporate events, seminars, hotels, airports and many more, the Holographic Display Market is fast moving in healthy directions!

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