Maturing and Consolidation Stage of Learning Management Systems (LMS) Industry: Performance, Penetration and Predictions to 2020

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Date Oct 27, 2016
Time 09:00 AM EDT
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While everything that was once only hardware is also available as software today, why not sit and educate ourselves at homes on screens? This comfort service has undoubtedly led to immense progress in the Learning Management Systems Market. They are not only unique but also extremely simple. What’s so simple about it that it’s catching everyone’s attention? – Anywhere, anytime; the main catch!
  • Easy registration facilities
  • Create, manage, distribute and track study materials at your fingertips
  • Training features vary from platform to platform- wide variety for the consumer to choose according to needs
  • On-the-go document handling
  • Entertaining customer engagement
  • Calendars and flexible class hours have been rising in demand
  • Tests and Scoring simplified

With growing digitalization and further growth in cyber security, the LMS market will continue to perform well with high regional penetrations be it Americas, the leading contributor or the APAC region, fastest adopting geography to the digital classrooms! Catch our webinar to know what are few other factors adding additional leverages to the industry?
  • Effortless access through smartphones and out bursting number of smartphones users globally
  • Cloud-based services is totally a top-notch concept right now with high potential contributing skills to the LMS market
  • Shifting of LMS from niche to mainstream is also supported by risen funding and support
  • Government initiatives for providing rural areas with e-learning tools for enabling easier access to education
  • Adoption of LMS by healthcare segment for cost-effectiveness to stay upto date with the latest programs

Conventionally, these began as software which was used in schools and colleges but the era has evolved and LMS market has been applied through corporate sector as well! This segment of the market is noted to draw a huge remuneration for the investors and share owners in the coming future with IT companies being the top in the contributor list! Tracking and training is essential for the pharmaceutical companies to avoid government inspection and stay in business, and therefore the pharmaceuticals are accounted as another primary strengths!

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