Potential Use Case Scenarios on Rapid Rise among Players and Stadiums: RTLS in Sports to Emerge as a $1 Billion Industry

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Date Nov 17, 2016
Time 09:00 AM EDT
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Tracking, identifying, locating, positioning of a geographical location by using nodes or tags in real time is as creative as technology can get! Real Time Location Systems is sports are growing in leaps and bounds. Being embedded in navigational systems, tracking the location through wireless technologies, RTLS especially in sports is largely limited to indoor area usage but has a potential in outdoor applications as of the projections regarding the upcoming years!

While the Americas has been the largest market with a revenue of $218 million generated in 2015 followed by Europe and APAC to grow the fastest, outdoor region utilization of the market will skyrocket; according to IndustryARC study.

Brief on Potential Trending Contributors to the Upcoming $1 Billion Industry:

Asset Tracking in Sports: Locating high-dollar sports equipment in sports-oriented arenas is a boon in disguise to protect investors from malicious attempts. While the product leaves the authorized area, intimation is sent to the concerned individual.

Teams are using RTLS RFID tags to monitor the location, speed and orientation of players on the field, with the goal of improving training and management, as well as enhancing the experience for spectators watching a game on television or online: tracking of players' movements is made possible which not only enhances the spectator's experience of watching a game on television or online, but also help coaches and managers better train and manage their players.

Key Attractions Owing to the Vast Spread Prominence of the Market:
  • Mostly wireless
  • Uses well established concepts like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Ultra-wideband, RFID etc
  • Need not be way too expensive
  • Automated response features
  • Wearable and still comfortable due to generally small sizes

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