Visible Light Communication (VLC) Roadmap - Slow Growth Concerns and Potential Opportunities to 2025

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Date Nov 10, 2016
Time 09:00 AM EDT
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Non-renewable resources might come to an end for real someday. Using renewable sources for developing technology could be the best move, isn’t it? One such attempt which has made into the “high-demand” section of advancements today is the Visual Light Communication concept. Non-stop research and development in technology suggests how the VLC Market will soon become a part of our infrastructure with best services offered like ultra-high speed, quality security, biologically friendly communications networks, thereby allowing  the creation and expansion of seamless computing applications using very large bandwidth high-frequency pulsed light instead of radio waves and microwaves. 

What is so attractive about the VLC indeed?
  • Free of health-related concerns; thus easily usable in hospitals
  • Possible comfortable applications in the aircraft and defense sectors
  • Does not interfere with Radio Frequency (RF) electronics
  • Improves existing telecommunications
  • Increases potential scope of developing hybrid systems like long distance light and radio frequency/ microwave communication etc

One of the most attractive parts of the VLC systems market is that it could be used to help create more equipment-friendly and biologically-friendly electromagnetic environments helping to create truly sustainable communications technology.

The Li-Fi Craze:

Is the Wi-Fi soon to be past? Li-Fi seems to be the new future! The all new Light Fidelity, a form of Visual Light Communication is a boon in disguise to uplift the VLC prominence supported by increased partnerships and acquisitions among the top players. Established market players like Cisco, Rolls Royce, Lucibel etc are teaming up with new players like PureLiFi Ltd. (Edinburgh, Scotland)- a developer of visible light communication systems founded in 2012, which has reached financing of nearly $8 million. PureLiFi Ltd has invented an incredible mobile LiFi Dongle (LiFi-X Product) for allowing computers, mobile phones to be supportive of LiFi.

How are vendors working on enhancing global penetration?
  • Rise in venture capital funding
  • Quality development and molding of products
  • Increasing varieties of services
  • Inculcating healthy partnerships among themselves

Regionally, Japan, the largest market in APAC has successfully been showing a pioneering growth statistics in the VLC technology. Existing huge funding from the U.S. and China’s upcoming investment plans will act as strong propellers to increased R&D activities! China’s thoughts of clubbing VLC concept into aircrafts is a strong potential segment investors can look out for!

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