Changing Dynamics of Global Manufacturing Countries Map: Robotics to Lead the Industry 4.0 Initiatives

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Date Oct 18, 2016
Time 09:00 AM EDT
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It is not much of a surprise if we say robots can be called an equal or even better a technological invention today as compared to computers. Having started decades ago, robots have today entered into every application we can talk of be it automation, medicine, defense or even entertainment. Automation today is viewing an amazing revolution of working IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, 3D Printing Materials and Robotics together! The 4.0 initiative has the best of promises to be fulfilled in the coming decade in the current buzz of industrial manufacturing. And the robotics industry is going to support just that!

Global countries are competing with the best of their resources with China and Japan leading the top in the industrial revolution. Remember how Donald Trump promised to the USA that he would get Tim Cook to shift the manufacture base of Apple Inc. from China to his geography? Whether it is going to be true or not is a different story, but such are the changing dimensions of automation countries and our research analysts from IndustryARC would like to discuss their knowledge in the to-be-held webinar on September 26, 2016.

While China has successfully been the top manufacturing country till date, cheaper production costs at Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Boston, India etc are clearly a heads up for China. China to witness a depreciation? So what seems to be drying out in China? Let’s have a brief view:
  • Lack of originality. China might not go on forever by importing credits to create an end product
  • Labor remuneration, energy costs, real estate deals etc, have increased pretty much lately which can be even compared to some parts of the USA
  • Rising unpredictability due to the country’s faltering economy

On the other hand, Robotics Industry Advancements is the biggest leverage the world is enjoying with APAC followed by other regions and taking the best advantage possible. Inexpensive energy availability, incredible information technologies and growth in materials sciences are going to add additional support to the success of combining manufacturing industry and robotics, says IndustryARC research expert

Potential renewal of healthy economy around the world is expected to happen. The automation and usage/application of robots among manufacturing plants will further increase the precision and quality of the manufacturing industries. As robotic capabilities continue to expand, the cost to produce them is shrinking. The downside, of course, is that this will have serious repercussions for job creation, as these machines are likely to displace many workers. America's dominance in computing and electronics gives it a unique edge in the automation of manufacturing processes- according to a source.

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