Attribution Modeling 101

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Date Oct 2, 2018
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
At our webinar we’ll tell you about marketing attribution modeling A to Z, revealing all the pros and cons of the most effective models, to help you choose the well-suited for your business tasks.
You’ll find out:
  • What is an attribution model and why you can lose a fortune without it.
  • What are the most effective attribution models: from basic and boring Last Click to geeky and advanced Markov chains and Shapley value.
  • How to explain to your CEO or CMO that besides the Last Click model there are many others that aren’t as complicated as they seem to be.
  • What attribution model to choose for your business.
  • How to use the results of the attribution model calculations.
We love answering questions, so you can send them before the webinar or during it, in chat, comment section or by emailing to To make sure you don’t miss anything, we’ll send you the webinar replay along with the useful materials on the topic.


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