Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal In April 2019

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Date May 22, 2019
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost $1500
Unravel the mystical layers of the ancient science of life in the land of snow-capped mountains with yoga teacher training in Nepal. Spreading the yogic wisdom and awareness of wellness, Rishikul Yogshala brings to you the beginner level transformative program of 200 Hour yoga teacher training in Nepal imparting authentic and traditional learning of the holistic art.
Eminent for its gigantic Himalayan peaks and pastoral galore, Nepal is a magnificent land of mountains, caves, valleys, and traditional heritage. Join us this spring to relish the mesmeric beauty of Nepal while restoring health in April 2019.
About the Program
On the paradisiacal land of Nepal reconnect the body, mind, and soul with the spiritual being, unify with divinity, and find solace through the holistic practice of yoga and meditation.
  1.       Learn the oldest forms of yoga - Hatha and Ashtanga, which are also birth-givers to diverse yoga forms.
  2.       Study of the Human body is a must, and with the Yoga Anatomy sessions, understand the structure and body movements.
  3.       It requires knowing the importance of practicing postures correctly and safely through the study of Alignment and Adjustment.
  4.       With the extensive study of yogic history gain the theoretical perspective of yoga with the learning of Yoga Philosophy and other ancient and spiritual texts.
  5.        Reach a state of eternal peace and equilibrium with deep meditation practice.
  6.        Acquire the breath based training, and learn how to control breathing while syncing it with the body movements during Pranayama sessions.
  7.        Understand the importance and use of different yoga props and gain restorative benefits.
  8.        Undergo the study of holistic healing; Ayurveda and Ayurvedic diet are helpful in maintaining proper health.
  9.        During 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal relish the excursion facilities and site visits for broader learning.
  10.        Learn to lead the yoga session or class with Teaching Methodology and turn into an eminent yoga teacher.
  11.       Learn techniques of Shat Kriya and indulge into yogic purification.
  12.       Connect to the spiritual self by engaging in soulful Satsang sessions and more.
Replenish your body and mind with soul feeding food at our center that is freshly prepared by our trained Ayurvedic chefs. Apart from 3 Sattvic meals a day, you will be provided herbal drinks for complete rejuvenation. Owing to the rigorous demand of the program, the intent of the meal is to provide a balanced and delectable diet to the students during yoga teacher training in Nepal.
With good food, a proper resting facility is also of great importance. Keeping in mind the needs of the students, we offer the best accommodation facilities where one can dwell comfortably at a well-structured place embodied with all the basic amenities. The rooms are clean and well-furnished, and also provide you with a panoramic view of snow-laden mountains, lush forest, and beautiful lake. 
Fee Details
·         Shared Rooms- 1700 USD
·         Single Room- 1900 USD
About Yoga Training in Nepal
Yoga training in Nepal is an ideal platform that offers yoga teacher training in Nepal at an ideal location under the best prices. It is a one-stop platform to trust for all your yoga related queries, Nepal getaways, yoga holidays, retreats or spiritual getaways. Yoga Training in Nepal is building a community that offers sources of achieving wellness and a healthy lifestyle.  


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