Complimentary Webinar: IoT Security: Establishing Frameworks to Protect Consumers

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 19, 2020
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Co-hosted by PSA Certified and Parks Associates

Forty-one percent of US broadband households report concerns about hackers getting access to their devices.

This webinar examines the importance of device security for brands and demonstrates the value of standards and industry certifications in creating product differentiation, reducing risks, and building consumer trust.

Connected devices have proven valuable in helping consumers work, learn, and entertain at home, extending into multiple elements of everyday life, including home safety and security and health and wellness. But the expansion of smart home products and online activity also increases consumers’ vulnerability to cybercriminals.

Increasing consumer concerns regarding IoT security and privacy have negatively impacted growth in many industries. Parks Associates data indicates that 35% of consumers who do not own or intend to purchase a smart home product are avoiding these products due to security and privacy concerns and threats.

Ongoing reports of breaches reinforce security concerns, which adversely impact device sales and service adoption. Businesses can avoid these losses, and build consumer confidence, by integrating security throughout the product design process and communicating those efforts with consumers.

Security is a critical aspect of device development, product innovation, and brand reputation. In this webinar, industry experts discuss the importance of device security, how to build devices that take security concerns seriously, and the role that frameworks and certification schemes, such as PSA Certified, can play.


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