Empowering Remote Teams to Collaborate and Innovate in Times of Change

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Date Jun 24, 2020
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Recent events have accelerated the already-existing trend of teams working in unison while being geographically dispersed and remote from one, central location. While there are advantages to centralization, there are also advantages to remote work as long as collaboration and innovation remain key components of teams' charter. Here, technology plays a huge role as does culture. Empowering remote teams to work as a singularity and not in siloes is the single largest element of business and technology leaders' focus as organizations seek to consolidate, innovate, grow, and thrive in a time of enormous change and disruption. Join 4 executives, thinkers, and implementers who lead this change, representing Microsoft, Quantarium, Limeade, and Akvelon.

Key areas to be discussed during this webinar:

1. Efficiencies – and continued opportunities – in the new world of remote work
2. The vital role that wellness and engagement play within remote team management
3. How technology + culture or “human + machine” is the answer to innovating remotely and during times of crisis
4. The importance of both data and “wisdom” in the process of collaboration and innovation in transformative scenarios


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