Enabling the school ecosystem in the age of virtual education

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 25, 2020
Time 05:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
The year 2020 can be renamed as the year of ‘Lockdown’ with schools worldwide witnessing the longest lockdown ever. Today, schools in India deserve nothing less than a pat on their backs for a swift response to the pandemic amid lockdown restrictions. Although heir preparedness has resulted in a spate of online classes for learners of every level, it would be overly simplistic for school principals to sit back and relax, assuming the job is done. Parents are not yet able to see the effectiveness of the virtual learning. In this webinar, industry pundits Dr. Shalini Advani, Director, Pathways School Dr. Vandana Parasher, Primary Years Coordinator - Pathways School will talk about narrowing the online learning gaps, keeping the child engaged throughout a session, transforming teaching skills from in-person setting to online teaching and much more. Be a part of this engaging session and understand how the challenges of virtual learning can be managed.


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