Resource-level Permissions for EC2: Controlling Management Access on Specific Instances

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Oct 17, 2013
Time 10:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
AWS customers have been able to use IAM policies to control which of their users or groups could start, stop, reboot, and terminate instances across all EC2 instances under an account. With the recent release of EC2-based resource permissions, customers can now strictly control which IAM users or groups can start, stop, reboot, and terminate specific EC2 instances. This ability to assign control of an individual instance to a specific user or group helps organizations implement important security principles like separation of duties (preventing critical functions from being in the hands of one user) and least privilege (providing each user access only to the minimum resources they need to do their job). During this webinar we'll explain the new EC2-based resource permissions in detail and demonstrate how to use them along with IAM policies to better protect individual EC2 instances.

Who Should Attend:  Solution Architects, System Administrators, Technical Project Managers, Developers, Technical Pre-sales


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