Optimizing Waste Water Aeration System - Challenges and Solutions

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Date Sep 28, 2021
Time 05:00 PM EDT
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Wastewater aeration is a process that occurs when air is added directly to wastewater, which allows for aerobic biodegradation of any pollutants contained within. Aeration is an essential component of treating wastewater.

Aeration wastewater treatment accounts for approximately 60% of the total energy consumption in wastewater treatment plants. Energy consumption is the main cost driver in wastewater treatment, and its optimization is one of the many challenges faced by plant operators also having to meet ever more demanding safety legislation.

While there are many challenges facing wastewater treatment plants the biggest concern is the impact the wastewater will have on the ecosystems of the world.

However, Wastewater treatment could be challenging at times and require technology matching to suit the application.

This webinar session will aim at targeting Optimizing Waste Water Aeration System and its various Challenges and will be followed by best practices to overcome those challenges.



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