Technology Advancements In Air & Gas Flow Measurement In Thermal Power Plants

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Date Dec 9, 2021
Time 06:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

Power age overall is on the highest need for supporting homegrown and modern development. With the progression in coal-based nuclear energy station technologies and stricter natural discharge standards, effective controls of burning and outflow controls are of most extreme significance. 

The effective activity of the nuclear energy stations relies to a great extent on precise and repeatable measurement of essential and optional airflow to coal plants, flue gas distribution flow, overfire airflow, airflow to individual burners, and flue gas outflow rate. 

Flue gas flow measurement is a difficult assignment having combinations of O2, CO2, CO, SPM, SOx, NOx, HC, and so on and huge distance across channels where regular flow measurements are temperamental, non-repeatable, high upkeep inclined, and costly. 

This webinar targets featuring the difficulties looked at in air and gas flow measurements in power plants and the progression in technologies for these.

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AGENDA of the session:

  • Introduction
  • Air & Gas Flow measurement applications and challenges in power plants
  • Current technologies used and challenges
  • Technology advancements
  • LEOMI Introduction
  • Typical application examples


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