Engaging discourses on zo Cosmology

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Date Mar 18, 2022
Time 09:30 AM EDT
Cost Free

The study of Zo spirituality and society in the pre-christian period has been a hardly touched theme of academic scrutiny among Indigenous scholars and intellectuals alike. The limited attempts at understanding Zo cosmology and meaning-making among researchers have often been hinged on a strong tendency to simplify the complexities of the Zo Cosmological lifeworld that tend to glorify the impending Christianization that came to be.

On the other hand, attempts at portraying and understanding a pre-christian Zo lifeworld by Indigenous intellectuals are more often than not, mere descriptions and explanations of particular customary beliefs, seemingly in need of a systematic manner of interrogation that can traverse beyond a colonial vantage point. In both cases, the researcher is unable to account for the vast multiplicity of practices and variant customs in the translations given by different clans and tribes within the broader assumption of common origin and shared cosmology, and how these variations came to develop certain characteristics in time.


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