Asymmetrical Multicore Processing for reliable, complex embedded systems

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Date Dec 11, 2014
Time 02:00 AM EDT
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Have you ever pondered on how you could process a non-real-time application & a real-time application simultaneously on a safety critical embedded system? Or, how can you have multiple operating systems running on a single embedded application? Yes, now with Asymmetric Multicore Processing (AMP), you could do just that and much more!
Join us for our upcoming live webinar on ‘Asymmetrical multicore processing for reliable, complex embedded systems’ to understand the challenges with the traditional approach and harness the true potential of Asymmetric Multicore Processing (AMP). You will also learn:
• Advantages of the AMP over the traditional approach
• Putting AMP to work with Freescale ® Vybrid Architecture
• Convergence of AMP & Complex Embedded Systems
• Tools & features to implement for a full-featured embedded system


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