The Building Of A High Performance, High Energy Culture

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Date Mar 3, 2015
Time 07:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
In a world where the shelf-life of knowledge is approaching that of a banana the path to organizational successes has changed. In the Old West, they used to say that there were just two kinds of people - the quick and the dead. In the era of the knowledge economy the phrase might well be that there are just two types of organizations, the quick and the dying. The quick are embracing new ways of managing and leading while the dying are hanging on for dear life to the ways that brought them success in the past.
In the knowledge worker world, the ability of people to work together, to openly share their knowledge, to leverage each other's insights, to create something new and wonderful on an on-going basis, is the foundation of a high-performance culture. How people work together, how they interact, goes to the heart of what organizational culture is all about. Culture, a culture that facilitates this on-going creation of new knowledge, a culture that's about people building and creating together, has become today's competitive advantage.
Ron will be sharing with you his life's learnings for the building of a high-performance, high-energy culture.


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