Personalized Medicine: Genetic Testing for Predicting Opioid Response

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Date Mar 22, 2016
Time 11 AM edt
Cost Free
1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic (recurrent and long-lasting) pain, in the US alone this exerts more than a $600 billion drain on the US economy annually due to lost productivity. The prevalence of pain conditions must be addressed in a comprehensive, all-encompassing manner. To seek explanation for the variability of opioid response is one of many important facets in easing the burden of chronic pain upon our society, as is understanding the heritability of pain.
Human pain phenotypes can be identified via genetic testing to ascertain genetic basis of pain variability. Pharmacogenetics can identify patients at risk of drug intolerance, drug-drug interactions, explain adverse events or therapeutic failure, as well as develop genetic profiles to predict the aforementioned outcomes. Researchers may now use genetic testing to aid the discovery of new, safer and more effective therapeutics.
This exclusive webinar will explore the following considerations:
  • The epidemiology of pain and its impact upon quality-of-life
  • Patho-physiology of pain
  • Heritability and genetics of pain
  • Pharmacogenetics of pain receptors, signaling, and metabolism of pain medications
  • Applying gene testing in analgesic clinical drug development


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