Automated Frozen Sample Aliquotting: Improving Bioanalytical Assay Results for Labile Molecules

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Date Mar 23, 2016
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Automated frozen sample aliquotting technology is now available from CryoXtract. Frozen aliquotting enables bioanalytical scientists to obtain quantitative aliquots from study samples while still frozen at -80oC. Instead of using a traditional pipette or liquid handling workstation to transfer thawed aliquots, a 3mm hollow coring probe is used to transfer cylindrical frozen core aliquots from standard cryotubes for downstream analysis. By avoiding damaging freeze/thaw cycles and maintaining the ‘cold chain’ during sampling, PK plasma samples (for example) can be re-analyzed many times without fear of analyte degradation or precipitation of the matrix components, which is often observed in thawed samples. Incomplete or inconsistent mixing of thawed samples is known to be a chronic source of concern and error in bioanalytical labs and is even the root cause of some failed incurred sample reproducibility (ISR) studies. Frozen sample aliquotting addresses both the stability and mixing concerns.


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