Reducing Variability in Spirometry Testing for Clinical Trials

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Date Mar 29, 2016
Time 11 am EDT
Cost Free
Measuring lung function as a primary or secondary outcome in a clinical trial can be problematic secondary to factors that affect variability other than a physiologic response in the subject. In lung function testing variability can be subdivided into three major categories; the subject, the testing environment including the device, and the testing personnel. The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, an internationally recognized organization that writes standards and guidelines for laboratory medicine published a guideline that integrated the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) quality systems model into a laboratory/healthcare practice model several years ago. We will define the model and its application in spirometry testing and how integration of the quality system model into your lung function protocol can help reduce variability.
Webinar Objectives
  • Describe the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute’s Quality System Model
  • Define the path of workflow and the points of variability/error that occur at each stage in spirometry testing
  • Understand mechanisms to reduce variability in lung function testing


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