Medical Device Labels: Using Integrated Vision to Achieve 100% FDA Compliance

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Date Apr 6, 2016
Time 11 am EDT
Cost Free
Labeling is an integral component within the medical device production process, with manufacturers needing to ensure products are correctly identified and branded in accordance with the FDA’s stringent regulations.
Currently, ensuring label integrity frequently involves a two-stage process, with the design and print process often being managed separately from the inspection process, either on an ad-hoc basis and / or off-site from the label print production.
This approach can be prone to human error and cause unnecessary delays in the manufacturing process, as errors need to be identified and corrected manually. More importantly, it puts medical device manufacturers at risk of non-compliance with the FDA 21CFR820.120 and 21CFR820.30 regulations.
By integrating the label design system with the print inspection hardware you can achieve a single process to overcome these risks and costs associated with manual processes inspection.
Key Takeaway Points
  • Achieve an understanding into best practice for managing defect control.
  • Learn why print verification systems are becoming an essential part of the production line.
  • Understand how an integrated solution can reduce cost, increase operational efficiency and guarantee label accuracy.
Join us for a 45-minute presentation plus Q&A session to understand better the industry’s current inspection challenges and for a demo of a pioneering fully integrated label management software solution with a print inspection hardware.


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