Enabling Precision Medicine with Complex Companion Diagnostic Tools

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Apr 25, 2016
Time 11 am EDT
Cost Free
Precision medicine promises tailored treatment for patients and significantly reduced drug failure rates for biopharmaceutical companies. In order to deliver targeted therapeutics, drug developers must design clinical trials that utilize a validated companion diagnostic assay as part of the enrollment criteria, an increasingly difficult prospect as the field moves beyond assays that simply determine the presence of the therapeutic target molecule.
Myriad Genetics is uniquely positioned to provide support to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies via high-complexity diagnostic platforms for DNA, RNA, and protein measurements, vertically-integrated biomarker discovery, clinical validation, and diagnostic commercialization capabilities, all of which are backed by a regulatory infrastructure that achieved the industry’s first FDA approval for a complex companion diagnostic.
Attend this webinar to learn more about how the largest molecular diagnostic clinical laboratory in the world can help identify molecular characteristics linked to complex disease states and drug response phenotypes to improve drug development and help deliver the promise of precision medicine.


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