From Market Compliance to Business Supply: The Necessity For Serialization

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Date Jun 28, 2016
Time 09:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Many Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and Packaging leaders lack a complete understanding of the functionality and necessity for serialization, thereby generally treating it as a complication in the consolidation process. The criticality of serialization should rather be viewed as a clear benefit for patient safety which can also be turned into a competitive advantage for the Pharmaceutical industry. Based on the short-term compliance milestones that usually drive real decisions to deploy serialization capabilities, the tendency to focus on the immediate resultant of serialization leading the supply-chain often overshadows the long-term benefits of brand building and improving network coordination.
This webinar will address the necessity of serialization from market compliance to business supply, covering all aspects from line choice and regulation approach to management of data and related products. We will discuss:
  • How various markets approach specific necessities and technical difficulties
  • The design of appropriate IT infrastructure
  • How communication across the track and trace concept is applied to the supply chain
  • The major initiatives in the installation, integration and implementation of serialization and aggregation from unit carton to pallet
  • Serialization requirements in China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, US, and Europe


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