Shelf Life Solutions For The Food Industry: Eliminating Oxidation Nightmares

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Date Jul 19, 2016
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Shelf life has always been an issue with perishable food products. With consumers pressuring food manufacturers to use fewer preservatives and become more organic, this challenge is greater now than it has ever been. The food industry is in need of an alternative for preservatives to extend shelf life and protect their products. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, the original patent holder of the oxygen absorber, is up to the challenge of solving shelf life problems with its cutting edge oxygen absorbing technology.
For over 40 years, AGELESS has been a staple of food preservation in Japan and all over the world. Never one to rest on their laurels, MGC is constantly coming out with new and innovative ways to extend shelf life of food products through many different types of oxygen absorbing technology. While the current view of oxygen absorbers is the small packets seen in snack foods and bakery products, MGC is looking to change that with the next generation of oxygen absorbing technology.
Working side by side with their customers, the AGELESS team strives to provide the absolute best in oxygen absorbing solutions. From the tried and tested sachet to the newest in oxygen absorption packaging, the customer’s shelf life goals and food product protection are MGC’s main concern.


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