Planning and Validating Preventive Food Safety Controls (Boot Camp)

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Date Nov 28, 2017
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $319.00
All food facilities registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must comply with the requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to develop and implement a preventive control food safety plan.  The plan must also include a hazard analysis, allergen analysis, factory profile, recall plan, food defense plan, supply chain controls, process preventive controls, sanitation preventive controls and other items.  The plan must be reviewed and approved by a preventive control qualified individual (PCQI).
The company’s responsibility under FSMA is to assure that the plan is implemented, verified and validated. 

Validation is where the food safety rubber meets the road.
According to the FDA, all food facilities must “monitor their controls, conduct verification activities to ensure the controls are effective, take appropriate corrective actions, and maintain records documenting these actions.  This training session will present a practical approach to providing you and your team members with needed understanding and a basic strategy for designing, implementing and validating process controls. 
The FDA FSMA rules are based on the ideas that risk can be reduced through preventive approaches not widely understood or followed in the food industry.  Regardless of your ability to understand or validate processes, process validation is now a legal requirement. 
The clock has now started for the required implementation of all members of food supply chains for food to be consumed in the United States.  The long wait for finalization and clarification of rule requirements is over.  Implementation deadlines are published and most large companies have one year to fully implement and comply with these seemingly complicated requirements.

Why should you attend:
Many individuals responsible for the development of the company preventive control food safety plan have attended a PCQI training course only to be confused.  This is a chance for a company team to attend a planning webinar and to work collectively to develop the company preventive control food safety and food defense plans. 
This 3-hour boot camp will result in help trainees write their preventive food safety and food defense plans and will provide them with the basic tools needed to validate those plans.
Objectives of the session:
  • Understand the new FDA FSMA preventive control plan and requirements
  • Develop a company system to satisfy the FDA and control food safety in your operation
  • Understand supplier control requirements
  • Work collectively to develop the company preventive controls plan
  • Know where to find all appropriate planning forms
  • Get what you need in 90 minutes to relieve your planning frustrations
Areas covered in this 3 Hour Boot Camp:
  • FDA FSMA Preventive control planning
  • Food defense planning
  • Supplier controls
  • Allergen analysis
  • Sanitation preventive controls
  • Recall planning
  • Factory profiling
  • Understand and control Process Design, Qualification and Validation
  • Know the difference between corrective action and prevention
  • Identify Hazards and Adulterants
  • Sampling, data collection, analysis
  • Know how to work with cause and effect
  • Identifying and controlling variation quantitatively
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Know how to establish and control a team approach
  • Understand responsibilities regarding supplier qualification and certification
  • Learn a simple and powerful technique to get your company quickly on track to compliance
Who will benefit from this webinar:
  • PCQI Trainers and Certificate Holders
  • Team members responsible for developing food preventive control and defense plans
  • Food safety managers and specialists
  • CEOs, VP and Director Level Personnel in food companies impacted by FSMA
  • Food Safety and Quality Team Members
  • Quality System Personnel
  • Operations and legal personnel
  • Recall teams
  • Food Shippers, Processors, Retail, and Restaurant Purchasing Groups
  • CEOs, VP and Director Level Personnel
  • Food Testing labs and Quality Personnel
  • cGMP Specialists
  • Operations personnel


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