Total Quality Control And Management

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Date Apr 18, 2018
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $218.00
Infighting, slow delivery, high returns, high rework, customer complaints and other similar problems are symptomatic of a lack of a coherent and agreed-upon approach to business.
Total Quality Controls (TQC) or Total Quality Management (TQM) systems have proven themselves successful in just about every industry from electronics manufacturers through food processors. TQC systems also form the basis of OSHA programs. Developing a step-by-step approach to TQC helps to assure involvement from all company functions with the assignment of related quality responsibilities to all personnel in every job function.
For companies interested in improving their overall effectiveness, product reliability, paper reduction, inventory levels, delivery times and presenting a stellar image of quality to customers, TQCM is a must. Elimination of interdepartmental finger-pointing, cost reduction, and a more cooperative and understanding workforce are some of the benefits associated with effective TQC implementation.

Why you should attend?
If your company or group is trapped in a myriad of daily and redundant problems faced by employees, you should know that these problems are solvable but are ineffectively resolved due to departmental barriers. TQC breaks down those barriers and moves the organization as a whole in a single direction. The so-called “quality department” is drastically reduced as are the costs associated with ineffective cross-functional management. Internal functional personnel is able to assume authority along with the responsibilities heaped on them from above.
Learning to take the steps to TQC is not complex, does not cost your company a ton of money and begins with learning to facilitate and support needed changes.

Learning objectives:
  • Understand basic TQC/TQM philosophy
  • Learn how to control corporate restructure
  • Follow a step-by-step approach to implementation
  • Understand organizational and team concepts
  • Learn to trust the employee knowledge and problem-solving base
  • Knock off problems one at a time in a preventive manner to prevent their return
  • Establish current and new employee training and commitment
  • Bring management up to a new level of competence through their abilities to work together
  • Learn how to replace infighting with cooperation
  • Leave work at work and keep a focus on cost savings
  • Qualify your suppliers to reduce your liability.
Areas covered in this webinar:
  • Basic TQCM concepts
  • Interdepartmental quality manufacturing and paperwork problems and solutions
  • Building a TQC organization
  • Establish employee empowerment
  • Controlling company restructuring
  • Building and expanding on pilot studies
  • Building new human resources.
Who will benefit from this webinar?
  • Upper-level management at both the corporate and facility levels
  • Functional managers, directors, and supervisors
  • Quality personnel
  • Selected internal personnel with leadership potential
  • U.S. and international manufacturers
  • OSHA and other types of specialized personnel
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