How to Make Working with Remote Team Successful

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Date Jun 13, 2018
Time 12:00 PM EDT
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The world around us is evolving continuously due to various trends were seen in the modern society. One such trend in the functional workspace is Remote Work. According to a study, nearly 82% of startups work with remote workers in some capacity. The reason why remote work is being so favored is the flexibility it provides to the employees. Employees working remotely are more motivated and productive.

Remote work has ample of benefits, but the major drawback of working remotely is the lack of accountability and workforce management. It is crucial for high-level management to comprehend the situation and draft an appropriate action plan.

*** What you’ll learn ***

During this FREE webinar, you will learn more about
1. How to setup the process and setting right expectations.
2. Useful tools for collaboration.
3. Taking effective follow up.
4. Measuring results and feedback loop

*** About the speaker ***

Ayush is the co-founder and CEO of RemotePanda. Prior to RP, he has been involved with 3 other startups in technology and automation space. He is also the chapter director of StartupGrind and editor in chief of online magazine The IoT Magazine and Chatbots Journal. At RemotePanda, Ayush help clients to connect with the best remote candidates and set up the process that churns out great quality of work.

In this webinar, we are going to share with you the tips of making remote work successful.
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