Storytelling with your data and Power BI

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Date Jun 26, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Long gone are the days when Business Analysts provided spreadsheets of table data in a report. While the data is the foundation of the analysis, intelligence is revealed through the visualizations of the data.

This is easy today with Power BI which extends data aggregation and visualization capabilities. With the capabilities of Power BI, end users are now able to explore and discover new insights. These discoveries are best presented through the technique of storytelling. 

MS Power BI allows you to discover, visualize, share and organize your data to tell a story with your data. As a Microsoft Gold Data Analytics partner, we deliver compelling reports, simplify data management, achieve compliance, and ensure data security while giving people access to the insights they need. Advaiya has proven expertise in data discovery and aggregation, data visualization and reporting, scorecards and dashboards and AI and ML powered analytics. 

During this presentation we will cover topics to help you tell a story with your data:
Identify dimensions of your data
What is the difference between Drill Down and Drill Through
How do I configure Drill Through?
Using Bookmarks
Power BI compelling feature to empower your data story
Incorporating navigation into your dashboard
Adding conclusion to your data story


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