Chipping away at constraints – Practical tips to Improve your Manufacturing Operations

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 12, 2018
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $13700.00
Some of us feel that we have to hire a guru in order to apply the Theory of Constraints.
Here are some practical things all of us can do to “chip away” at a constraint – and yield major improvements to your operation.

Many times your manufacturing operation seems very busy yet the throughput of the entire line is poor. We often confuse busy and efficient with productive. This webinar is based upon real-life examples and how simple techniques were used to improve overall productivity without the need to spend weeks performing complex modeling and analysis.

Areas Covered in the Session :
  • Identifying a constraint in a process by its symptoms
  • How to “chip away” at the constraint
  • Some steps at the constraint can be done by upstream or downstream operations
  • How to increase the overall throughput of your production line
  • Why measuring operator efficiency at the bottleneck actually adds to the problem

Who Should Attend:
  • Research and Development Departments
  • Quality Departments
  • Manufacturing Departments
  • Engineering Departments
  • Operations Departments
  • Design Assurance Teams
  • Document Control Professionals


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