How to Easily Implement Security in Your IoT Product

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Date Dec 12, 2018
Time 04:00 AM EDT
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For companies developing products connected to the Internet of Things, ensuring sufficient security can be a challenge. Because IoT device manufacturers often lack sufficient security expertise, they look to their chip providers to handle security. This is in fact a natural place to start, because a strong security architecture starts at the chip level, where the most fundamental assets of a device – the cryptographic keys that protect data and authenticate devices to the network and each other – need to be protected. These keys are at the heart of any security architecture and must be protected from attackers to ensure device security. But generating, provisioning and securely storing keys on chips while shielding them from other, possibly malicious, processes on an IoT device is not a trivial task for chip manufacturers. This is why Intrinsic ID and Silex Insight have joined forces to deliver a solution that enables any IoT chip manufacturer – even those for which security is not a core competency – to include hardware-based key storage, key provisioning and cryptographic operations on any microprocessor or other semiconductor device that drives an IoT-connected product.


For more information about Intrinsic ID or our SRAM PUF technology please visit the Intrinsic ID website. You may also visit the Silex Insight website.


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