Treating Perfectionism - a webinar

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Apr 3, 2020
Time 12:00 AM EDT
Cost $25.00
Perfectionism is a key feature of many clients. What causes it? How can it be treated? What is the latest thinking and research?

About this Event
Key features of Perfectionism include:
  1. The relentless striving for extremely high standards (for oneself and/or others) that are personally demanding. Standards which might be considered unrealistic given the circumstances. These ‘unrelenting standards’ can be a source of significant stress for individuals.
  2. Judging one's self-worth based largely on one's ability to aim for and achieve such unrelenting standards.
  3. Experiencing negative consequences of setting such demanding standards, yet continuing to go for them despite the huge cost to oneself. (Fursland)
But how can we help clients who suffer from perfectionism as a presenting feature or as part of a wider picture?
While we cannot deal with this complex area in great depth in a one-hour webinar, we will be able to identify the key features, hear about the latest thinking and techniques and signpost useful resources for clients and counsellors.
What topics will be covered?
This interactive webinar will cover these key issues:
  1. What is perfectionism?
  2. How can we measure it?
  3. What causes it?
  4. How can it be treated?
  5. What are the best online resources for clients and for counsellors?
How will the webinar work?
This webinar will run online. Delegates will need
  1. Access to a desktop machine (smartphone or tablet will enable most but not all features of the webinar to be accessed).
  2. Broadband connection.
The session will have three main segments each starting with an introduction by the presenter followed by a focused Q&A. Online polling and responses to specific scenarios as part of micro-case studies will be part of the webinar. Follow up materials will point delegates to online and hard copy resources such as workbooks, apps, further reading and questionnaires for clients.
Who is leading this webinar?
Professor Patrick McGhee is a CBT therapist, psychologist and UK National Teaching Fellow. Educated at the universities of Glasgow and Oxford, he has completed CPD programmes at Harvard Business School and Ashridge. In 2017 he was a Visiting Fellow/Scholar at the universities of Cornell, Yale and MIT in the USA. He has taught, researched or practised in psychology and therapy for 30 years. His first post was a Research Fellow in Psychiatry and Psychology at St George's Hospital Medical School, University of London. He is the author of Thinking Psychologically (Palgrave) and co-editor of Accounting for Relationships (Methuen). He is an occasional columnist for the Guardian, the BBC and the Times Higher. He currently works in private practice in Greater Manchester. He has full accreditation from the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists.


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