Webinar | Plant Medicine : Benefits, Legalities and Personal Experience

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Date Sep 24, 2020
Time 05:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Plant medicine has the potential to help you live a healthier and happier life. 

Plant medicine is quickly entering the mainstream, bolstered by the science, heartfelt stories of transformation, forward-thinking investors like Peter Thiel and Tim Ferriss, and successful legalisation and decriminalisation campaigns in Europe and North America.

In a recent study, 50% of participants reported their plant medicine therapy as “the single most significant experience of their lives.” 80% reported the experience was amongst their top five. 

Interestingly, the participants themselves were not the only ones who saw benefit: their friends, family members and colleagues also reported the experience had made the participants calmer, happier and kinder.

Under these therapeutic conditions, research has also shown plant medicine to be highly effective in treatment of common challenges such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and a range of addictions. A primary factor in these results is that plant medicine promotes neurogenesis: new neurons form and new neural connections are made, enabling communication and reconciliation between parts of the brain that normally do not exchange information. It is believed that these effects facilitate neurological healing and reset at the root cause, which explains the sustained benefits.

Join our webinar to find out more to find out more about plant medicine and Behold Retreats, and to ask any questions that you may have. 
Our webinar will cover:
1) Overview & Benefits
2) Safety & Legality
3) How to get the most out of your plant medicine experience
4) Transformation stories
5) Q&A

Speaker: Jonathan de Potter, Founder, Behold Retreats

During a sabbatical year from a career in management consulting, Jonathan was surprised to discover the benefits of plant medicine, which were completely contrary to his education. Since then, Jonathan has dedicated himself to learning more about plant medicine, raising education and awareness, and leading people to high quality, transformative experiences.

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