MMPI-2-RF: Basic Overview Webinar

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jun 13, 2013
Time 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Composed of 338 items, with the RC (Restructured Clinical) Scales at its core, the MMPI-2-RF builds on the strengths of the MMPI®-2. It features 51 new and revised empirically validated scales and takes only 35-50 minutes to administer. The MMPI-2-RF was released in August 2008.

The MMPI-2-RF aids clinicians in the assessment of mental disorders, identification of specific problem areas, and treatment planning in a variety of settings. The test can be used to help:

-Assess major symptoms of psychopathology, personality characteristics, and behavioral proclivities.
-Evaluate participants in substance abuse programs and select appropriate treatment approaches.
-Assess medical patients and design effective treatment strategies, including chronic pain management.
-Provide valuable insight for marriage and family counseling.
-Support classification, treatment, and management decisions in criminal justice and correctional settings.
-Identify high-risk candidates in public safety screening and selection settings.
-Give strong empirical foundation for expert testimony in forensic evaluations.

This Webinar presentation provides a brief overview of the rationale for, and methods used to develop the MMPI-2-RF, and the various materials available to score and interpret the test.


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