Combatting Stress & Burnout

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 19, 2023
Time 06:00 PM EDT
Cost $50.00

Stop the Bleeding and Arm Yourself with Strategies for Winning the War Against Stress

Stress is inevitably part of life. You can't always prevent it but you don't want it to wreak havoc on your life. Join licensed psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Ritchie, for this two hour live webinar. She will teach you about the science of stress, common pitfalls of managing stress, and strategies for immediate relief as well as long-term success handling stress in your every day life. 

This course is for you if: 

  • You are constantly exhausted and overwhelmed
  • You never have enough time to get everything done and feel defeated
  • You used to be excited about work but lately you're less motivated
  • You've tried all types of things to manage your stress with little to no sucess
  • Your stress is impacting your sleep, motivation, and attention
  • Your mood is impacting your relationships with the people around you
  • You want to learn proven strategies to manage stress and prevent burnout


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